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Author: Tom de Manincor (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: September 19, 2009 10:20 AM
Version: 0.6
Views: 34,715
Downloads: 1,160
License: Apache License, Version 2


TransferSync is a JMS Gateway for ColdFusion,
built to synchronize Transfer's native cache across a cluster.

The TransferSyncObserver is injected into Transfer, and is triggered after a Create, Update, or Delete event is processed.
It uses ColdFusion's JMS event gateway to send a message to the JMS server, which will broadcast it to all listening nodes.
The TransferSync JMS Gateway will update the local cache when a message is received.

0.6 -CHANGE LOG- 9/19/2009
- enhancement - added support for multiple instances on same server

0.5 -CHANGE LOG- 3/9/2009
- enhancement - added observer toggle no longer dependent on lazy init
- enhancement - added debug toggle
- enhancement - added class filtering
- enhancement - added caching for parents
- enhancement - added getMemento and getVersion
- enhancement - more robust logging
- enhancement - coldbox versions supports pre-cf8
- fix - added support for after create events
- fix - added support for notifying parent classes

0.4 -CHANGE LOG- 11/13/2008
- enhancement - logging improvements and toggle setting/property added
- enhancement - improved caching
- enhancement - added getKeyMap method
- enhancement - added argument to definition file
- enhancement - changed definition file extension to .transfer
- fix - added double lock to prevent concurrency issues with duplicate method creation

0.3 -CHANGE LOG- 9/8/2008
- enhancement - added additional properties to gateway for maintainability
- fix - added try\catch around sending message to log if an error occurs or gateway is unavailable
- fix - moved 'ACKNOWLEDGED' logging to after discard to prevent false positives

0.2 -CHANGE LOG- 8/19/2008
- enhancement - added Coldbox version


- CF8 ( unless using coldbox, due to JSON support)
- Transfer ORM (v1.1 for composite key support, otherwise pre 1.0 will work)
- ActiveMQ (free, link provided)

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